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Argentina Duck Hunting

2015-2016 Argentina Duck Hunting Package

Argentina is well known for its rich bird life. Liberal bag limits and unique waterfowl species make this country a duck trophy collector's dream & the best destination for the serious waterfowler. Labradors & German Pointers will retrieve all your hits. There is No Duck Season in Argentina & our bag Limit is 30 Ducks per day. Some times of the year you can shoot the bag limit in the morning and the same in the afternoon. No shotgun plug or steel shot is required. Our duck hunt is limited to a maximum of 12 hunters and a minimum of 4. There are 13 species of Ducks found in the area & daily mixed bags of 8-10 species are not rare.

  • Black Headed Duckgrande
  • Brazilian Teal Grande
  • Cinnamon Teal Grande
  • Fulvoustree Duck Grande
  • Red Sholever Grande
  • Ringed Teal Grande
  • Rosey Billed Pochard Grande
  • Silver Teal Grande
  • Southern Widgeon Grande
  • Speckled Teal Grande
  • White Cheeked Pintail Grande
  • White Faced Tree Duck Grande
  • Yellow Billed Pintail Grande
  • Robert Andrews
  • Robert Andrews
  • Robert Andrews
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The hunting lodge is a centenary house on the riverside of the Parana river where history and tradition blend with the placidity of the place. The four acres of the lodge are isolated from nasty noise just ten minutes away from downtown or the Casino. Rooms with air conditioning and private bathroom, bar, a wide living-room, dining- room, galleries and a magnificent park with its own dock will impress the visitor. In the lodge, you will be able to communicate with the entire world by phone and internet service. Returning from the fishing day, the visitor will enjoy the comfort and personalized attention of our staff. After his favorite cocktail, he will be delighted with homemade meals based on Argentine grass fed beef, game, fish and our best wines.

For more information about our packages please e-mail us or call us at 1-478-808-5924.


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